Jim Marquardson

About Me

JimI am an Associate Professor of Information Assurance and Cyber Defense in the College of Business at Northern Michigan University. I earned my PhD in Management Information Systems in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. At the University of Arizona I worked in the Center for the Management of Information (CMI) directed by Dr. Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr. and Dr. Judee K. Burgoon. CMI is a world leader in collaboration processes and technologies. CMI uses theory, experimentation, and field tests to create innovative solutions for real-world problems.

I consider myself a "positive" information systems researcher. Relatively recently, the branch of positive psychology emerged with the goal of understanding and developing interventions to improve individuals, families, and communities. Along a similar vein, I am interested in finding ways to help people use technology to improve their lives, families, or other organizations.

I have taught courses on networking, systems analysis and design, management information systems, and network defense.

Please see my current vita, research interests, and teaching philosophy for more information about me.

Connect with Me

Email: jimarqua@nmu