Jim Marquardson

Teaching Pilosophy

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience earning my B.S. and Master of Information Systems Management at BYU. My professors cared not only about what we learned, but taught us how to learn and where to focus our attention. With their academic and industry experience, they gave us us enough help so that we could solve problems on our own. When I entered the workforce after college, I was truly prepared to solve difficult problems, and gain new skills on the job. I knew how to address problems and work through them. One of the greatest things I took from my university experience was confidence. These are just some of the values and skills that I wish to share with the next generation of students.

I have several goals for teaching at the university level:


I am earning my Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) at the University of Arizona while pursuing my doctoral studies. (Details about the certificate program can be found here.) In the program I gained an understanding of the importance of leaner-centered teaching. The courses taught me about some of the theory behind learner centered teaching. While teaching classes during my doctoral studies, I was also observed by my peers, advisor, and instructional experts from the Office of Instructional Design. My teaching improved as I listened and responded to feedback from my students, as well as outside observers. I frequently reflected on how my courses were going, and took steps to ensure that students were learning effectively. I am not afraid to make mid-class or mid-course corrections if I find that a specific teaching style is not being effective.

Courses Taught

NMU - CIS 226 - Introduction to Networks and Security
This course covers core networking topics such as IP addressing, local area networks, wide area networks, and basic network hardware. Students apply networking concepts using Cisco switches and routers in a hands-on computer lab.

NMU - CIS 250 - Systems Analysis and Design
Students learn to analyze business problems and develop technical solutions to solve the problems. The course covers the systems development life cycle, project portfolio management, and project management.

NMU - CIS 336 - Network Operating Systems
CIS 336 covers advanced network design and defense. The course follows the CompTIA Security+ curriculum. Theory is augmented with extensive hands-on exercises.

NMU - IS 436 - Network Security Tools and Techniques
IS 436 is the capstone cyber defense course at NMU. Students are expected to apply network defense concepts to real world scenarios. The course follows the Certified Ethical Hacker curriculum.

UA - MIS 111L - Computers and the Internetworked Society - Lab
MIS 111L is an online Excel course. Students watch online lectures, read from a textbook, and complete assignments online. The course has over 900 students registered every fall. Significant planning must be done to ensure that a class can scale while still delivering a quality learning experience.

UA - MIS 304 - Using and Managing Information Systems
All students in the Eller College of Management take MIS 304. In this class, students learn how people, information, and technology work together to solve business problems. Emphasis is given to ensure that students have a well-rounded understanding of technology that they will interact with in their future careers in industry. Emerging trends such as cloud computing and business analytics are also covered.

UA - MIS 111 - Computers and the Internetworked Society
MIS 111 introduces students to a wide variety of topics in the information systems discipline. It is mainly a class for people who chose a business minor. One of the challenges for this class is to teach technical concepts at an appropriate level for those who may not enter the field as information systems professionals, but who will need to interact with technology in their business careers.

Courses Assisted

UA - MIS 585 - Project Management
This course focused on the nine areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge. I was able to teach students how to use Microsoft Project effectively, and ensure a complete understanding of key project management concepts.

BYU - ISYS 100/101 - Excel and PowerPoint
Students learned Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint in this class. These applications are key tools that all students will use throughout their careers. This course was taught entirely online, so I had to learn how to communicate effectively over email, make myself available for tutoring, and help students succeed when they did not have to physically come to class.

Jim loves CIS 336.